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  • I cannot praise the Maths-Whizz NZ programme enough. My granddaughter was very tentative and unsure of Mathematics procedures. Therefore she was reluctant to attempt independent work.She began the programme and enjoyed working on it. The programme was personally designed to address her needs. She is now more confident andis making wonderful progress. I would recommend this programme for children who need confidence in Mathematics, or to address gaps in their Maths knowledge.

    Pam Smith

  • Our children have loved using Maths-Whizz as a complimentary online tool alongside their regular maths curriculum. They have enjoyed revisiting and practising old concepts and gaining a better understanding of processes they hadn't quite understood. They have really enjoyed the fun aspects of games and especially liked acquiring little pets they could buy food for! As a parent I appreciated being able to watch their progress in graph form and thought the encouraging emails I could write them was a neat bonus, something they also were delighted to find. Maths-Whizz has been a great addition to our homeschooling programme.

    Becky Baines
    Parent, Christchurch

  • Maths-Whizz is by far the best maths programme I have ever come across. The animated lessons make learning a fun and engaging experience. The parent reports are a fantastic way of keeping track of your child’s progress in different areas. My son actually asks to do Maths-Whizz he loves it so much, and as a consequence, is excelling in maths beyond his age.

    Rachel a’Court

  • For the first time the kids actually ASK to do maths! Maths-Whizz is a very comprehensive programme that, while having fun, the children are also exposed to tutorials in specific areas in which they are demonstrating weaknesses. The teacher resources are extensive and easily accessible.

    Suzanne Croad

  • After homeschooling our daughter right through using a variety of maths curriculum books, Maths-Whizz, and now Kahn Academy, have been a great way of identifying any topic gaps and getting ready for NCEA level 1 Maths online. Thanks Chris for your support.

    Parent, Homeschool

  • At the age of six my daughter was in tears, not wanting to go to school because she ‘couldn’t’ do Maths. I had no idea how much pressure kids put on themselves when they first start school – expecting to be able to know everything straight away. Then Maths-Whizz was introduced to her school. The difference in Lily’s attitude towards learning has been incredible. She ASKS to do her Maths now – there are no more tears and heartache. She can’t wait to log in everyday and has newfound confidence in her ability that has transcended into everyday things. The part that I like the most is that if she wants to have a break she is able to decorate her virtual bedroom or see how her points are adding up and go to the virtual shop and shout herself something for all her hard work! Then she happily returns to her sums. IT has variation and is entertaining – it is practical learning. I just wanted to thank the people who brought Maths-Whizz to our little town for their understanding of what children need to succeed in what can be a scary new world.

    Julieanne Francis

  • Maths-Whizz has made my ability to support my children and the way they learn math concepts today easier, as it visually explains and teaches me as a parents how children are to work through the activities which are now taught differently from what they were taught back at school.

    Titahi Bay School


  • Maths-Whizz really helped me with topics in Maths I was unsure about. I liked the way it made learning easy and fun.


  • Maths Whizz is a fun way to learn maths – Whizz will take the time to teach you the strategy. The lessons are fun because the animations are fun and you are still learning even though you are actually having fun.

    Mangawhai Beach School

  • I struggle with maths and I didn’t particularly like maths. I like it when you learn something new with the teacher and then you find yourself doing the same learning in whizz and the practise in Whizz makes you feel more confident. I am not freaking out about maths anymore.

    Mangawhai Beach School

  • - Maths Whizz extended our maths learning
    - Maths-Whizz challenges us and made us want to do well
    - We liked trying to get more progressions than our peers and friends
    - Maths-Whizz reinforced learning from class
    - It was fun as you got to purchase things
    - I liked the replay exercises to support your learning
    - Maths-Whizz was really helpful it gave me confidence in my maths
    - I liked challenging my friends
    - Maths-Whizz was good. It's a unique and individual programme for you
    - Maths-Whizz displayed the maths in a fun and accessible way
    - Maths-Whizz improved my maths skills
    - Maths-Whizz had good explanations and if I was unsure I could restart

    St Helliers


  • Maths-Whizz has been fantastic for engaging our students, especially those with diverse learning needs, including children on the autism spectrum. They like the personalisation of the programme, the level of challenge and how fun it is. Maths-Whizz has been a hugely beneficial support for the maths learning of our students.

    Fiona White
    Deputy Principal & Teacher, Khandallah School

  • Maths Whizz provides a self-paced, individualised programme that caters for students who are working below their peers in secondary school. The programme helps to fill in gaps in prior learning and enables students to consolidate their mathematical knowledge and skills in a fun and non-threatening way. We have used it to ensure foundational mathematical skills are sound, which then allows students to transfer their knowledge into a scientific context and equips them to work towards NCEA Level 1 numeracy credits in the Science Domain.

    Karen G
    Learning Support

  • Having previously used other online mathematics programmes Maths Whizz differs as it primarily focuses on every child as an individual offering them their own individualized programme that's unique to them. It boosts individual students' confidence and they feel a real sense of achievement at the end of every week knowing they have gained their progressions and green ticks. Many students are motivated and come to school earlier to complete tasks before school starts. It's a programme that has many benefits for the individual learner and with drive from the teacher enables real progress for students and their learning.

    Lizanne Frankilin
    Maths Leader, St Heliers School

  • I have been using Maths-Whizz in my classroom to support my teaching of numeracy for three years now. It is a fantastic online tool which my children and I have really loved using to support their learning of math concepts. What I like about this programme is the individualised programme that it provides for each child as their programmes are set from their diagnostic assessments at the start of year. A positive of this is that your lowest child can be taught at their level and the highest achiever can be extended at their level. This is so helpful from a teacher perspective as it enables you to monitor how children are tracking with activities across the curriculum by checking in with their history. All activities are also related back to all the achievement objects at each level of the curriculum so this ensures wide coverage of the curriculum is exposed to all children. This is significantly important when children are not understanding concepts and I can view how many times they have attempted an exercise and how long it has taken them by going back and reviewing their history. I can then sit with children and give them direct instruction that is relevant and specific to their needs.

    Candis Wood
    Nga Manu o te Ako Hub Leader, Titahi Bay School


  • Maths-Whizz is a great programme that develops independence and helps us cater to the individual learning needs of our students. The data that our teachers receive is easily accessible in a detailed report and assists with further development of an effective Mathematical learning environment. Maths-Whizz is easy to integrate into the classroom and makes any program more effective.

    Russell Burt
    Principal, Pt England School

  • Maths Whizz is by far, the best online programme that I have ever come across and I would have no hesitation about recommending it to any school. It provides each student with a personalised maths programme that enables them to work specifically at their level, have their own learning needs addressed and allows them work at their own pace. Putting together such individualised teaching and learning in any other programme would take hours and hours of planning. The tracking of students is second to none. Maths Whizz is a fantastic teaching and learning programme that I would never be without.

    Veronica Stevens
    Deputy Principal, Wellesley College

  • Seatoun School has been trialling Maths-Whizz this year and we are impressed with the data correlation between the initial diagnostic assessment that the Maths-Whizz programme administers, and our own assessments. Class-wide weaknesses identified by Maths-Whizz were also identified in our PAT tests, which will mean Maths-Whizz will be a valuable and reliable tool to add to our OTJ discussions and decisions. Maths-Whizz will automatically give students lessons targeting the identified weaknesses. Comments from students are also encouraging, with many indicating that they feel they are ‘learning’ with Maths-Whizz rather than ‘practicing’ as they have been with other programmes.

    John Western
    Principal, Seatoun

  • When we saw Maths-Whizz via a Skype presentation,we were hooked. Maths-Whizz brings 21st century learning to life as students, teachers and whanau make the best use of technology to develop not only mathematical competency but an internalised self-motivated learning disposition as well. It provides rich data in meaningful, easy to access reports. Dare yourself to make a real difference to mathematical achievement.

    Allan Robertson
    Principal Yalhurst School

  • The best aspect is that once the assessment has been completed, it’s personalised for each student, without me having to reset things. Maths Whizz is great to work with – they offer excellent support and there’s always a quick response. As a Principal, I love being able to send out personalised messages of encouragement easily, and regularly.

    Anne Lye
    Principal, Churton Park School

  • Maths-Whizz has been fantastic for engaging our students, especially those with diverse learning needs, including children on the autism spectrum. They like the personalisation of the programme, the level of challenge and how fun it is. Maths-Whizz has been a hugely beneficial support for the maths learning of our students.

    Fiona White
    Deputy Principal & Teacher, Khandallah School

  • Maths-Whizz has been an excellent addition to our Numeracy programme. Being able to set topics for the students has meant that the programme has been able to reflect the learning happening in class. Our students have thrived on the competitive aspects of achieving weekly progressions and certificates while improving their Maths Ages. The support has been fantastic too. Emails for help or guidance are always answered promptly with clear solutions.

    Matt Burt
    Deputy Principal, Normandale School

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